Raw hair

Picture of Human virgin hair
Virgin hair is Raw Hair that completely natural and unprocessed without chemicals (such as perms, relaxing agents, or coloring dyes). Raw Hair is hair that is directly cut from donors and be kept separated from each and every others’, so that the natural of the hair bundles, often ponytail, are maintained. Raw hair is 100% remy, yaki human hair.
Picture of Human special hair
Special Hair is a kind of double draw hair but the highest quality possible we can make. Every strand of hair is carefully selected and then put in bundle of the same length. It is remy, straight, very bright, very smooth and tangle free hair. The quality is really good so that the price is much higher than those of other type of hair.
Picture of Human Bulk Cheap Hair
Bulk Cheap Hair is the less expensive hair. Bulk cheap hair’s lengths are ranging from 16’ to 28’. The portion of 16’ hair, 20’, 24’ and 28’ is about 20%, 30%, 30% and 20% respectively
Picture of Human Single Drawn Hair
Single Drawn Hair is processed from raw hair by hand. The short hair is removed. It could be mixed with other people’s hair. However, Single Drawn Hair is still remy hair and length of short hair that will be removed can be set by customers.
Picture of Human double drawn hair
Double Draw Hair is also technically done by hand. If a length of a bundle of raw hair is 18’, the layer of 18’ strands will be moved out, then the layer of 16’, 14’, 12’… Finally, layers of the same length will be combined to make a new bundle of hair called Double Draw Hair. Therefore, every single strand of in a bundle of Double Draw Hair have the almost the same length.

Machine weft hair

Human Machine weft hair

Picture of Human Machine weft hair
Human Machine Weft Hair is 100% Human Hair, it’s processed by using latest tools and machines. These are processed as per various international standards to provide our clients with best quality wefts. Our machine weft are smooth, silky and shiny to enhance the beauty of the user.